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Debt Collection Defense:

In today’s economy it is no surprise that after exhausting collections efforts, credit card companies are suing their customers for repayments on defaulting accounts.  Despite the fact that you may have bad credit, no credit, or be insolvent, there is no Debtors Jail in the United States; however, the credit card companies and banks sole remedy to recover money from you is commencing legal action against you.  Under these circumstances, you will need an attorney to answer their lawsuit, defend your rights, assert defenses and attempt to negotiate terms of settlement that you can live with.

Our firm utilizes the services of third parties and associates to provide services such as credit repair, debt consolidation and/or bankruptcy; however, if you are being sued by your credit card companies and you do not answer the law suit, the credit card companies will obtain default judgment against you and they will then be able to garnish your wages, seize personal property and freeze bank accounts.  

Also, it is no surprise that during the past few years many people have executed promissory notes at high interest rates and have defaulted on repayment.  Likewise, you can be sued in the same exact manner as person who has defaulted on a credit card. Here again, it is imperative that you interpose answering documents and raise any affirmative defenses that may be available to you so as to avoid default judgment.  

Successful debt defense takes into consideration (1) a budget for legal counsel that affords defendant’s a reasonable defense; (2) avoiding default judgments; and (3) negotiation of reasonable terms for settlement and repayment, if applicable.

Disclaimer:  Each person and/or corporation’s situation is unique, and in order to properly ascertain your circumstances a consultation with Mr. Krupnick will be necessary.  The terms discussed herein above are intended to provide simply an overview of these topics.

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